It’s here already. Google’s new Android 11 has just opened its Developer Preview (DP1). The latest OS could be reaching public by late 2020, but even before that, Google lets developers have a preview and try their own trick on that. This preview would further help Google to receive feedback from developers, in case of any bugs. The new version has got 5G experiences, improved security, chat option etc.

This preview is currently supported in Pixel devices of Pixel 2 / 2 XL, Pixel 3 / 3 XL, Pixel 3a / 3a XL and Pixel 4 / 4 XL. And it has the following features to try on:

Google's Android 11 First Developer Preview is Open Now
Google’s Android 11 First Developer Preview is Open Now

New 5G experiences

where developers can now check the user’s data speeds and offer their services accordingly. Here, if the users’ network is found to be unmetered on 5G, there can pass a high resolution and quality games/videos to them. Further, they can even check the bandwidth of them too. All these are possible via APIs.

Supporting new displays

It also mended its new version to support different display styles as waterfall or pinhole. This can set any app to fit accordingly and use the maxim display possible.

Chatting from Notification panel!

Here, the notification panel would now feature a dedicated section set for ongoing conversations from all the chatting apps. A user can instantly reply, view previous messages, insert an image (if supported by app) and can even make it as a bubble to let it hover on-screen while multitasking in other apps.

More privacy features

It isn’t just the features comprised in a new version, but the improved security features too. Google new Android 11 will now let users limit the permissions an app would ask. Here, as seen in Android 10, users can permit the app to access location only when needed and even once. So that the app will be asking them permission to access location again when opened. Further, this privacy step is now expanded to a camera and microphone too.

App asking permissions from user to access location.

Usage of neural networks for intensive operations, storing and retrieving of identity credentials easily and securely, biometric authentication expanded to move apps etc. Further, the introduction of HEIF drawable images, adding updatable modules to Google Play as part of their Mainline project, low latency leveraging system capabilities and network etc.

This new preview will allow developers to test their apps with the new Android version and see how that integration works. All the feedback sent to Google for improving will let the general public to have a smooth experience later on.

If you’re a developer, try it here: Android 11 DP1

Via: Android blog


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