An unknown hacker has breached the backend of the DataViper breach monitoring service and stole over 8,200+ databases. This was turned out to be a revenge plan against the DataViper’s owner, who had documented the acts of several hackers in the past. The hacker in question has also put up some stolen databases for sale in a dark web marketplace.

Hacker Takes Revenge For His Revelations

Cybersecurity companies, besides threat monitoring and remediation, often provide an alongside service called data breach monitoring. This is to pool up the breached resources that happened everywhere from past and index them for checking later. HaveIBeenPwnd is one such search where anyone can enter their email address to check whether their details have breached anywhere or not.

DataViper from Vinny Troia, founder of Night Lion Security is one such service. Vinny Troia has documented several hacking groups and detailed their methodologies. He even released a book based on all these findings this summer, which may have attracted his adversaries to attack him now.

A hacker claims to have stolen about 8,225 databases from Vinny Troia’s DataViper service, where he breached the backend of it and stayed within for three months gathering all the data. He then emailed tens of cybersecurity publishers with links to an e-magazine on the dark web. This contained the list of databases stolen from DataViper and some downloadable JSON files.

As per ZDNet and Vinny Troia, most of the stolen databases are years old and were already been available on the dark web. Yet, the hacker has indexed 50 largest databases from the breach in a dark web marketplace for sale. Vinny Troia said the breached database was merely a test instance and the hacker was just trying to hinder his revelations in the upcoming SecureWorld conference this Wednesday.

Via: ZDNet


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