A text message is the least malicious way to break into an iPhone. However, the report suggests that merely receiving an iMessage on your phone is enough to get your iPhone hacked. At the Black Hat security conference in LV, Google Project Zero researcher Natalie Silvanovich presented “interaction-less” bugs in Apple’s iOS iMessage that could be exploited by hackers. Apple recently patched these vulnerabilities, still, a few of them remains.

Hackers Can Use Simple Text message to Break into your iPhone
Source – https://www.express.co.uk

Silvanovich found these bugs when she reversed engineered iMessage and looked for bugs. iMessage is a sophisticated platform that offers a variety of communication features. As it is integrated with every other app in Apple Pay and iTunes, these extensions and interconnections can increase the vulnerability of any secure app.

How can a message hack your iPhone?

A hacker can send you a specially crafted text message, and the iMessage server would send specific user data to the hacker. These may include your images or SMS messages. This takes place without you even opening the text message.

The iOS system does have in place a defence mechanism however, this trick takes advantage of the system’s basic logic. So, hackers can extract data from your phone using a special text message.

Silvanovich found a few more bugs, hackers could place malicious code on your phone, again just by sending a text message. She found four more bugs in iMessage. The good news is these interaction-less iOS bugs are yet to be announced.

Otherwise, these codes would have been sold in millions of dollars in the black market. However, she believes that iMessage is still a secured app, and Apple rarely makes a mistake. Apple is working on patching these bugs soon.


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