One of the known cryptocurrency exchanges of Europe, 2gether has reported a hack on its trading platform, which led hackers to steal one-third of its funds. The exchange is doing an investigation to find out the adversaries, and in meanwhile, it reported to settle investors funds with its native token, 2GT.

2gether Funds Stolen, Settled Through Native Token

2gether has been appreciated for being a simple platform and letting investors trade without any additional fees. While the platform is gearing up to launch its native token, 2GT sometime this year, it now reported being breached! The 2gether CEO, Ramón Ferraz Estrada has revealed this hack in a series of tweets.

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He said that on July 31st, 6 PM CEST, 2gether has experienced a cyberattack on its servers. The hackers, unknown yet, have stolen several cryptocurrencies from the platform’s investment account, which totaled to €1.183 million. This makes upto 26.79% of 2gether’s total funds. But Ramón has assured that no personal details of their customers regarding the sensitive payment info, were breached.

He further revealed that passwords of all their customer accounts were breached, thus recommended to change them. The platform is investigating as of now and gathering as much information possible to give it to the authorities.

The hackers, whoever it was, were called as soulless individuals by Chairman Salvador Casquero, and Director Luis Estrada in an update. And the platform is now trying to compensate their investors lost funds with their native token, 2GT.

The 2GT token was supposed to launch for an issuance price of 5 cents at some time this year, and now will be distributed to impacted investors equivalent to their lost funds.


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