With Google shutting down Stadia next month, all the players are worried about their games data being stored in there – and the achievements they had in it.

Well, it shouldn’t be a problem for the Hitman – World of Assassination gamers, as its developer, IO Interactive, announced a one-click tool to transfer all the major game data from Stadia to third-party consoles, like PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. This tool will be coming later this week.

Exporting Your Hitman From Stadia

Hitman – World of Assassination is one of the many popular games played on consoles and PCs. So any turnout on this would be disastrous to the fans playing it regularly. And Stadia shutting down is one such thing, where all the players progressing in this game would feel bad.

Well, to avoid that remorse, the game’s developers – IO Interactive is, making a one-click data transfer tool for their Hitman – World of Assassination on Stadia to other platforms like PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The tools are scheduled to come a week before the Stadia’s shutdown, set for January 18th.

But the players can already start preparing for this by linking their IOI account to the Stadia account – before the latter’s shutdown. Else, they’ll lose all the saved data. Once the accounts are linked, you’ll have an extra month (until February 17th) to complete the transfer.

While the majority of your Stadia achievements will be carried over, like the “player profile, XP, suits, items, and mastery levels,” some, like “leaderboard positions, save games, and created contracts, will NOT be carried over during the Stadia progression carryover,” can’t be.

Developers noted this due to the “compatibility issues” between Stadia and other achievement systems, thus focusing only on progression-related works. With this, IOI joins other developers like CD Projekt Red and Bethesda, who announced similar tools for data transfers to their popular games Cyberpunk 2077 and Elder Scrolls Online, respectively.


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