The Hollywood studios, along with Netflix and Amazon, have obtained an injunction against Jason Tusa, alleged of infringing the copyrighted works.

Tusa was regarded by the court as a serial offender, considering his history of infringement offenses. Now, after he failed to respond to the court for the plaintiff’s allegation, the court ultimately denied Tusa with an injunction of practicing such activities, alongside seizing his domains.

Injunction Against an IPTV Operator

Last year, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment had filed a lawsuit against Jason Tusa since he was infringing copyrighted works through his Area 51 platform.

This led the court to order Tusa to take down the service, along with a clause of him barring from pursuing such activities in the future. Yet, Tusa was seen infringing this agreement.

Before shutting down the Area 51 platform, he initiated another similar service called SingularityMedia and scooped all his Area, 51 users into it. This was soon realized by ACE and ordered it to take down too.

And now, he’s alleged in a new but similar case, by Hollywood studios like Warner Bros., several Universal companies, Amazon, Columbia, Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, and others with a list of 110 copyright works infringed by Tusa.

The plaintiff group is asking the California court to pass a preliminary injunction against him that would order taking down services he’s running and also compensate for the financial losses they’ve incurred due to him.

The court then summoned Jason Tusa to appear with a response before the deadline of July 19, to which Tusa failed. This led the court to satisfy the plaintiff’s thirst, as it ordered an injunction (1,2,3) against Tusa, restricting him and any other on his behalf to indulge in these activities.

Further, the injunction ordered various domain registrars like Internet Domain Service BS Corp., Hostinger International, and Hosting Concepts B.V (plus any others that receive notice of the injunction) to prevent any of Tusa’s domains (,,,,, and from being modified, sold, transferred to another owner or deleted.


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