While China being the first hotspot to spread Coronavirus, it’s also good at controlling too. The current outbreak hit worse in nations like the US, Spain, and Italy, who suffered and lost thousands of people to date. Whereas China, who first broke this out, is leveraging what it’s got and best – technology. It’s deploying all the machines and software it got to detect and control the spreading of novel Coronavirus. Here’s how it’s doing;


These are deployed at all the frontlines where human interaction is needed. Reports tell that China is employing robots for serving food, transporting basic materials and samples, vending rice, disinfectant spraying, etc. These can help reduce the burden on human labor, thus concentrating more on important things.

How is China Using Technology to Fight Coronavirus
How is China Using Technology to Fight Coronavirus

Aside from simple ground mechanical robots, there are drones, particularly which are crucial for carrying food and other essentials in virus hotspots and restricted areas. These are equipped with QR codes for information scanning, thermal imagers for checking people’s temperatures and broadcast warnings periodically.

Color Coding

The Chinese government is relying on its domestic giants – Alibaba and Tencent to make technologies that differentiate people based on their vulnerability. This to introduce apps that every citizen must register him/herself, and will be given a color code as Red, Yellow or Green. These codes will be assigned based on their travel and medical histories.

This system is like a health stamp laid on each and allows them to access public services like metros, markets, and others. This system is deployed by Alibaba in Hangzhou and by Tencent in Shenzhen, both are crowded industrial places. To date, these are being used in 200 Chinese cities and expanding.

Facial Recognition and AI

Chinese companies are perfectly utilizing the database created by their government from facial recognition. Baidu has developed a thermal detector that can detect a change in temperature of a person, that too at a rate of 200 people under 1 minute! Further, it’s Lineatrfold algorithm is helping doctors in their medical researches and make predictions.

Many companies that garner big data are creating a dashboard for people to monitor statistics. These are informing about infrared temperatures of citizens in a particular area where they’re being tracked. Further, there are companies that can identify people accurately even when they’re wearing masks.

Reference – BBC


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