Amidst the irregularities in experiencing iPhone 13 Pro series ProMotion, Apple released an updated blog on how third-party app developers can leverage this feature.

The company says developers need to add a line of code to their apps and update to leverage the ProMotion support in iPhone 13 Pro series. This will let their apps use various refresh rates accordingly.

iPhone 13 Pro Series ProMotion Support

The ProMotion support available in iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is being used inadequately by third-party app developers, as facing problems in integrating this support in their apps.

To the unknown, Apple introduced a new ProMotion feature in iPhone 13 Pro series, which can display variable refresh rates from 10Hz to up to 120Hz, depending on the content being displayed.

But, many have complained that they could not leverage the full potential of this feature and blame a bug or Apple for limiting it to save battery life. To end all such speculations, Apple has shown up with a statement revealing the fact.

In updated documentation saying “Optimizing ProMotion Refresh Rates for iPhone 13 Pro and iPad Pro“, Apple termed that third-party app developers need to add a line of code to their apps to use the ProMotion support and have fluid animations for their apps.

These include scrolling, opening, and closing popups, switching slides, etc. All these visual animations should be addressed once they add the line of code that Apple said to release soon and update their apps. Apart from fluid animations, this should also optimize the usage of the battery.

And when compared to iPad Pro, developers and users can have more options in iPhone 13 Pro series; all these will be seen soon once the developers make changes.


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