Do you want to silence your Apple Watch to mute those seemingly never-ending notifications? Then you land on the right guide to know how to do that. Getting that notification regarding messages from the office or that phone call from home is important.

However, sometimes it may be very intruding when you are trying to focus on your work or trying to get that quick nap. With the Apple Watch strapped to your wrist, it is with you round the clock.

Normally, the iPhone and the Apple Watch are in sync. So, any notification on the iPhone (or the iPad) will be reflected on the Apple Watch. The continuous blinking of notifications can be quite irritating. Thankfully, to make the user’s life easy, Apple offers sufficient controls to silence the notifications on the Apple Watch.

How to Silence Your Apple Watch

Here are the various methods that will help you silent your apple watch so it won’t disturb you with notifications.

1. Silence the Notifications from the iPhone

Here is a cool trick you can enable from the iPhone settings to use on the Apple Watch and stop the ringing of any notification.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Sounds & Haptics.iOS-sound-haptics-settings-1
  3. Under its settings, navigate to Cover to Mute and enable it by flipping the switch beside it.

When any notification alert appears on the Apple Watch, simply cover the watch with your hands. Do it for three seconds and the notification will stop.

While it is a neat little trick to avert notification alerts and silence your Apple Watch, it may be distracting if notifications keep appearing now and then. You cannot every time leave your work and waste a few seconds covering up the watch.

2. Silence Your Apple Watch Using the Control Center

You can silence the notification alerts on your Apple Watch by accessing the control center settings within the watch.

  1. Swipe upwards on the display of the Apple watch. The Control Center will appear.
  2. There will be a bell icon that denotes notifications. Tap on it and it will turn pink. Also, the bell icon will now have a line on it. This indicates silent mode on the Apple Watch has been enabled.
    enable silent mode on Apple Watch

Make sure to turn off the Haptic alerts. Otherwise, you will feel the haptic vibration even if you hear no sound for an incoming notification. This can be distracting at a meeting, classroom, or while sleeping.

Here are the steps to turn off the haptic vibrations on your Apple Watch.

  1. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Next, tap Sounds & Haptics.
  3. Tap the switch beside the option Haptic Alerts to disable it.

3. Enable Theater Mode on Apple Watch

Apple Watch offers this helpful feature called Theater Mode. When enabled, it will turn the watch’s screen dark until you manually tap on it or press the crown of the watch. The Raise Wrist to Wake Screen feature also gets disabled when you activate Theater Mode.

  1. Swipe up on the Apple Watch and open the Control Center.
  2. Navigate to the Theater Mode icon and tap on it to enable it. [The icon has two faces symbol]
    silence your Apple Watch using Theater Mode
  3. When you want to disable Theater Mode, follow the above steps again and tap on the Theater Mode icon to disable it.

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4. Enable DND and Silence Apple Watch Notifications

Finally, the classic way to get rid of all noisy notification alerts. Yes, you must enable the Do Not Disturb or DND as it is popularly called. When DND is active, your smartwatch won’t let out any sound or light up the screen when any notification appears.

There are exceptions to Do Not Disturb which you cannot bypass. When the DND is enabled, heart rate alerts, alarms, and timers will remain unaffected. Any notification relating to these elements will present itself quite loudly.

To enable Do Not Disturb mode on Apple Watch,

  1. Access the Control Center on the Apple Watch by swiping up on the watch display.
  2. Tap the moon symboled icon which represents the Do Not Disturb feature. Tapping this icon will toggle between enabling and disabling Do Not Disturb on Apple Watch.
    silence your Apple Watch using Do not Disturb

Wrapping Up

Notifications are important but never at the cost of your work, meeting, class, or sleep. It’s up to you to understand at what time of the day you do not want to be distracted by notifications from your gadgets. Use the tips in the guide and silence your Apple Watch alerts.


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