Huawei has added Kuala Lumpur to its TechCity initiative, as it did two successful experiments in partnership with Maxis, a local Malaysian telecom.

The first up includes increasing the network’s ability to handle more traffic volume by 1.4 times, says Maxis. And the next one is testing sub-3GHz frequency, which allowed Maxis to use its existing infrastructure to provide 5G.

Malaysian Telecom Joins With Huawei to Provide 5G

Huawei has been at the forefront of the 5G revolution, as it having better-advanced technologies to make and deploy 5G networks than any other company today.

While it’s having a tough time with the US sanctions since last year, they have affected its smartphone business, and the 5G networking is still running as per plan.

Though it was ditched from the USA, Huawei is adding other countries, especially Asia, to its TechCity initiative list.

The Chinese company promises to provide advanced 5G networks at a feasible cost, bringing all nations to updated technologies. This year, Huawei has signed an MoU with Maxis, a Malaysian local telecom, to step into the 5G game.

Maxis partners with Huawei for 5G deployment
Maxis partners with Huawei for 5G deployment

And now, this partnership takes shape with two successful experiments. According to a press report by Maxis, they’ve made a new transmission method that increased Maxis’s network to handle the user traffic by 1.4 times.

This is because of the radio capacity of its 4G network, which showed higher network gains.

The next trail is related to the sub-3GHz frequency testing that allowed Maxis to reuse its existing 4G equipment and frequency to offer 5G for the Malaysians. This is an experiment of its kind and the first such test in the Asia Pacific region.

Taking about them, Morten Bangsgaard, Maxis CTO, said, “Their (Huawei) experience, expertise, and capabilities complement our ambitions to be Malaysia’s leading converged solutions provider.”


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