Huawei is topping technologies. The Chinese giant has developed Wi-Fi 6+, a new version of Wi-Fi 6 that may garner more power than current standards. The company is set to debut new routers and its smartphone flagships soon, which will be supporting this new Wi-Fi development.

New devices to support Wi-Fi 6+

The company’s new development Wi-Fi 6+ is a tweaked version of current advanced standard Wi-Fi 6. This IEEE made standard is 2.7x greater of Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) standard, and 16x greater than Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) standard. This could garner maximum speeds upto 9.6Gbps, which is greater than anything we’ve seen till date.

An advertisement for launching its new Wi-Fi 6+ development.

Supporting this latest standard are the devices manufactured by Huawei, which has developed an in-house router called 5G CPE PRO 2. This has multiple variants based on internal technologies and the model supports Huawei’s latest development, Wi-Fi 6+.

A rumoured image of 5G CPE PRO 2 router Source: Weibo

Introduction of 5G could help utilize these devices and will support the estimated speeds. The new router 5G CPE PRO 2 will be launching on February 24th 2020, at Huawei Terminal Product and Strategy Online Conference. And before this online conference reveals it officially, here are the rumoured specifications;

The 5G CPE PRO 2 will be launching in four variants, where the first one supports up to 200MHz bandwidth with download speeds of 3.6Gbps. The second one is the first 5G uplink art of Huawei terminal, followed by the third variant having the first Wi-Fi 6 product of the company, by embedding its Peak Wi-Fi 6+ chip within.

And the last one will have a narrow bandwidth dynamic technology, which enhances the network coverage by 30%. Further, it supports the Game Turbo Dual Channel for Mobile games acceleration.

The company’s latest offering, P40 series is touted to be supporting this latest development too. We shall need to wait before finding out how smart they’re.


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