Huawei is known for its wolf-culture in getting things done. And ever since the US restricted Huawei in trading with its domestic companies, the Chinese company has been under serious pressure of finding new partners to sustain as a business.

Just recently, an internal employee named Hu Ling had posted a letter (and soon deleted) to the company’s board regarding his dissatisfaction in employee treatment over overtime policies.

According to a screenshot witnessed by Bloomberg, Hu Ling, a member of human resources in Huawei’s 2012 Lab research unit has some deep grievances to be shared. He complained about the company’s harsh policies of overtime and efficiencies of the workers.

Huawei Employee Exposes Company's Work Culture and Writes an Open Letter
Huawei Employee Exposes Company’s Work Culture and Writes an Open Letter

Hu Ling wrote, “Take my advice brothers: Don’t trust HR, they have no honesty” in his letter to Huawei’s internal messaging board. Amidst US-China trade wars, the company has been imposing long working hours, with few engineers working 24hours shifts. Though the company has tried rewarding those employees who can increase revenue despite US ban, that’s severely degrading their efficiency. After all, Ling’s letter ended with powerful words like, “The era when engineers get full respect will come.”

The response to this letter has mixed opinions among the board and members. Though some supported Ling, few have opposed his views as one said, “The real force that takes down the company isn’t from outside but from within” in their forum.

The letter’s authenticity is confirmed by Huawei, it declined to comment on the issue

Trusting Robots More Than Managers!

In a survey conducted by Oracle’s Future Workplace in October this year, it’s found that a near 90% of the Huawei employees are grateful and seemed optimistic for having robots as their coworkers. Most of the respondents believed that AI has an advantage over humans in terms of giving unbiased information, scheduling and problem-solving.


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