Huawei last month announced it’s Android OS replacement, ‘HarmonyOS.’ It was received with a lot of fanfare and positivity. The company even boasted that their OS is at least on-par with Android, if not better. This statement came as a surprise as building a new OS is very difficult as it has to overcome the windows problem, i.e., app availability.

How is Huawei solving this problem?

Huawei is solving this problem by running ported Android apps through ARK Compiler. This program allows developers to convert existing apps to be used in HarmonyOS easily. However, the compiler isn’t working as thought. Many Chinese firms which are testing the compiler reported that even demo apps are facing problems.

Huawei is Facing a Lot of Issues in Their HarmonyOS
Huawei is Facing a Lot of Issues in Their HarmonyOS

Some inside source claims that the compiler feels unfinished and buggy. In a forum, one developer said that the compiler is compiling assembly language, but it can’t go further and create an executable file. Although Huawei claims that ARK compiler is open-source, but haven’t released the code yet. So, it is hard for anyone to pinpoint where the problem lies.

Some people are speculating that HarmonyOS was hinted as a publicity stunt as a power move. Huawei is currently stuck in the ongoing trade war between the US and China. No company is suffering more than Huawei. Revealing the new OS can be a stunt to demonstrate strength to leverage a stand against the US.

What lies ahead for HarmonyOS?

Building a new OS is no easy task, it takes a lot of time and resource. However, it was obviously premature for Huawei to announce HarmonyOs and claiming it can replace Android. The problem they are facing in compiler won’t be solved easily and quickly. Understandably, Huawei had to do something against the impending US ban but where this will go is anybody’s guess.

Source: Abacus


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