The disagreement among Huawei and Google because of Huawei boycott has driven the Huawei to look for choices to distance itself from the influence of Google. Therefore they are working on developing a new form of maps so that they do not need to depend on Google products. If implemented this will really turn out to be a game-changer.

They launched HarmonyOS, the new form of OS to rival Google’s Android. Google map replacement was the next target. China Daily, the leading daily has printed that Huawei is taking a shot at creating a new mapping administration named Map Kit.

Huawei Working on a New Map and Wishes not to Use Google Maps
Huawei Working on a New Map and Wishes not to Use Google Maps

This will enable designers to manufacture map building applications. Thought the report says that the new portal is still not ready for commercial use, however, it is nevertheless a very important step for Huawei.

Highlights of the New Invention:- Map Kit

Huawei’s Map Kit would not only incorporate continuous traffic conditions but also AR highlights and subtle changes of lanes and recognizing them. It is normal that the administration will be accessible in 40 dialects and talks to dispatch it in October is going on.

To make this awesome service and application possibilities and to bring it to fruition, Huawei has worked together with Yandex, a Russia-based web crawler and Booking Holdings that is the owner of the prominent travel passage aggregator site for the Map Kit administration.

It is very obvious that Huawei is trying to develop its own native apps and are planning to come back to the market with a bang. However, the organization has emphasized that until the entire model is ready for commercial use they still need to continue working with Google apps. These endeavors could come into play as a backup plan in case the United States decide to totally ban Huawei in entirety.


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