Due to the ban from Trump administration, Huawei is prevented to work with all the US companies and this includes Google too. This means any new mobile from Honor won’t get Android OS and all the existing mobiles won’t get Android updates from Google. Huawei already had a contingency plan in place to face this situation. They have created their own OS as an alternative for Android. This OS is named as Hongmeng OS, alternatively Ark OS.

Huawei Is All Set to Launch HongMeng OS This Year

It has already reported that Huawei will roll out HongMeng by the end of this year and from then all the mobiles will have the OS. While the OS performed exceptionally well in the tests, there are still some issues that Huawei will face with it.

Huawei's OS May Fail Due To Lack of Popular Apps Like Google, Facebook & Instagram
Huawei’s OS May Fail Due To Lack of Popular Apps Like Google, Facebook & Instagram

It requires support from both premium apps and its developers. As most of the apps are US-centric, it seems that Huawei is going to lack both of them. The government will most likely pressure the app makers to not design apps that are compatible with Huawei.

Huawei has to prove that it has more than one million users in order to convince the app developers. Even if they start creating apps for the Chinese market, they will face huge hurdles regarding security, etc.

In Huawei’s home market China, this isn’t going to be a major issue. Already the Chinese market has banned Google and all of its products. On top of that Huawei is one of the famous Chinese brands and it won’t take much of their time to take this OS into the people.

But outside China, especially in the European market, this is going to be a big issue for Huawei. Huawei is already in the top three selling brands and it will be hard for them to sell their mobiles without popular apps like YouTube or Google.

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