Images have different formats and sometimes their formats often determine their quality and how bulky they can be. Images having formats like PNG or JPG are known to be bulky at times, but that’s where compression comes in.

There is plenty of software that will let you compress images on your Windows or macOS PC. You might be unfamiliar with any of these software, so we’ve recommended them in this article.

We’ve handpicked the best image compression software for PC users. Whether you use Microsoft Window or Apple MacBooks, you might need any of the software in this article.

Best Image Compression Software for Windows and macOS

The list contains both free and paid image-compressing tools for PC. With any of the curated software, you will compress images better.

1. Caesium Image Compressor

A lightweight tool that’ll let you compress images with minimal lossless is Caesium Image Compressor. This tool might just be what you need to reduce image size and quality, Caesium is free, very easy to use, plus it’s open-source.

best image compression software

Caesium Image Compressor has cool features, and it supports image formats like PNG, JPG, WEBP etc. You can bulk compress with Caesium, this tool is available for Windows and macOS users, and it is free to download as well.

Download: Windows | MacOS

2. TinyPNG

Another tool on this list is TinyPNG, a web-based software for everyone. This online tool is known for its ability to optimize image quality without losing most of its quality.

best image compression software

TinyPNG is free, you can use it on most image formats like PNG or JPG. Furthermore, you don’t need to download TinyPNG on your PC, you can only access it via a web browser.

This is a compression tool you’ll love to use, just open your web browser on your Windows or macOS PC and begin to compress images.

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3. ImageOptim

For instance, if you want to optimize the quality of images on your macOS PC and you’re looking for a good tool, ImageOptim is one of the free tools you can use. What’s more important is that it’s very easy and also very fast to use.

best image compression software

It doesn’t kill the qualities of images, it supports different image formats, and you can rely on ImageOptim. It does work excellently, it’s good for optimizing images for websites and apps.

ImageOptim is one of the best image compression software you can use on your PC, it can only be downloaded on macOS computers alone.

Download: macOS

4. UniConverter

An advanced tool that does more than just compress images only is UniConverter, you can do a lot with this software. Starting from video compression to burning CDs and also extracting audio files, there’s a lot you can do with UniConverter.

best image compression software

Furthermore, UniConverter does a great job when it comes to compressing images, you can compress batch by batch without losing image quality. Another downside of using this tool is that it is partially free, it is available to Windows and macOS users.

Download: Windows | macOS

5. Pixillion Image Converter Software

Pixillion Image Converter Software is a robust image-compressing tool that supports different JPG, GIF, PNG, RAW, etc. This is one of the best tools that is considered for compressing images.

Pixillion Image Converter Software

This software has cool features, it is very easy to use and it’ll optimize the size of your image without killing its quality. Pixillion Image Converter Software is available across two OS, for which we have provided the download links below. The software is free but also requires premium upgrades.

Download: Windows | macOS


IMAGESMALLER is an online software to compress images on a PC, and if you want to compress images like TIFF, PNG, or JPG while gaining at least 90% quality, this is the right tool to use.


While compressing images with this tool, you’ll be able to see the details of the compression. IMAGESMALLER is very fast, and it’s free and also very easy to use. Only a web browser is required to use IMAGESMALLER on a PC, it doesn’t add watermarks to images, and it’s one of the best.

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7. JPEG Compressor

JPEG Compressor by WinSoftMagic is a free compression software for Windows users, this software is best known for handling JPG images, but it does have its features.

JPEG Compressor

While using JPEG Compressor, you’ll be able to resize, reduce and increase JPG image quality. This software is very easy to use and it supports batch compression. Using a tool like JPEG Compressor, you’ll find it easier to compress JPG images, the software has a nice interface and is also very fast in compression.

Download: Windows

8. Mass Image Compressor

Just as its name sounds, Mass Image Compressor will let you compress images in bulk and that includes images in folders. It doesn’t reduce image quality, but it will reduce the image file size, it supports different image formats and that’s why it’s a great choice.

Mass Image Compressor

Mass Image Compressor is one of the best image compression software. You can download it for free, although it hasn’t received any updates for a while now. Furthermore, Mass Image Compressor supports most image formats, including HTML images. It’s an outstanding image compressing, too and also one of the best out there.

Download: Windows


Overall, these are the best image compression software for PC. With any of this software installed on a PC, you’ll be able to compress any image without losing quality. The majority of the software is free,  you can download them on your PC and start enjoying the full functionality of an image-compressing tool.


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