UK mobile operators have drafted a letter urging the government to give clarity about Huawei’s involvement in the telecom sector. Huawei is one of the most important telecommunications company in the world that is dealing with 5G networks. The company has been working with the UK telecommunications for 5G networking.

Huawei Has been under Radar by UK government since 2017

Huawei is a Chinese company and this is the main reason why the UK government is sceptical about its involvement. The UK administration is fearing that the Chinese government will extract the data with the help of their Huawei company. In 2017, the UK government passed a legislature giving more control on networks to authorities.

In the Situation of Huawei Ban, UK Carriers Warn about Huawei 5G
In the Situation of Huawei Ban, UK Carriers Warn about Huawei 5G

In April 2019, a report stated that the government wants to limit Huawei’s involvement in their 5G network. Most of the officials are against this company due to its Chinese origin. However, the UK government haven’t confirmed these leaks.

The mobile operators have warned officials that this uncertainty about Huawei may result in losing the country’s top mobile network connectivity. BBC has published this news and stated that the operators have asked for an urgent meeting. They want to meet with both officials and industry leaders in order to discuss this issue.

These operators need clarity from the government so that they can make a decision of whether to invest in Chinese infrastructure or not. BBC hasn’t revealed the names of the operators who have drafted this letter though.

Almost all the leading mobile operators in the UK are avoiding to comment on this situation. As the carriers are bounded to comply with the government’s final decision they want to make sure that they and the government are on the same page. Providing certainty on Huawei will aid both operators and company.


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