The popular Chinese brand Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. has made an announcement. It has stated that the company has obtained 46 commercial contracts from 30 countries for 5G installation. The company said that it is the first one in the world to achieve this feat.

Company has already shipped 5 Lack Base Stations

The company already shipped more than one lakh 5G base stations already and other base stations are under production. Huawei claims itself as the world’s first company to manufacture that many base stations. The company has been working for a long time on 5G connections.

Huawei Acquired 46 Commercial Contracts For 5G Connection From 30 Countries
Huawei Acquired 46 Commercial Contracts For 5G Connection From 30 Countries

It said that they are completely prepared for China’s 5G commercial use. In the month of February 2018, the company made the first 5G call. On the same day the company launched the first 5G terminal device- according to Xinhua reports.

Huawei is a privately owned company which has its headquarters in Shenzen, a Southern Chinese city. The company is a leading telecommunication manufacturer in the world. From Russia to Africa, there are so many countries that have made a deal with Huawei for 5G network installation.

The company is one of the most popular smartphone brands too in the world. Recently America has blacklisted Huawei and started a feud. Despite being banned by America, the company is doing pretty well. It has signed an agreement with Africa and Russia after the ban of US. It is also in talks with the Indian government now.

The latest 5G technology is a glimpse away for the normal people and Huawei is planning to bring to close. The impact of the US ban on Huawei on other countries will come into limelight soon.


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