Based on a previous case, a US court has now ruled that soliciting people into investing in certain cryptocurrency investment schemes could attend attract legal charges.

This is based on the BitConnect scam that happened in past, where people are lured into loaning their Bitcoins for higher returns. Plaintiffs who filed a class-action lawsuit against BitConnect promotors then has now resulted in a statement from an Appeals court that luring people into shady investments online is a crime.

Inviting People Into Shady Investments

To the unknown, the BitConnect scam in 2016-17 has triggered a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency community. This was due to a shady scheme advertised by its promoters, luring people into handing their Bitcoins for getting 10X returns, offered by its automatic trading bots.

This turned out to be a scam, as all the people’s money received through this scheme was used by promotors for repaying the older investors’ funds, and returning nothing to the lenders (users). It was said that BitConnect used to gain over $10 million per week through this scheme and looted more than $2 billion worth of investments in total.

And the customers were duped, they all filed a class-action lawsuit against BitConnect promotors in 2018, charging them under the US Securities Act of 1933, for violation of soliciting investments in unregistered securities. One among the alleged promotors, Glenn Arcaro has even pleaded guilty too.

And he even tried and succeeded in asking the court to dismiss this lawsuit too! But, the plaintiffs later appealed the decision, and it’s ruled by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to reinstate the case. In their statement, the court said

“When the promoters urged people to buy BitConnect coins in online videos, they still solicited the purchases that followed.”

Further, “Securities Act precedents do not restrict solicitations under the Act to targeted ones […] We never added that those efforts at persuasion must be personal or individualized.”

This resulted in the idea that any influencers trying to promote a shady scheme of investment through their online channels, can be arrested on the counts of malicious solicitation.

And as this is heavily happening in the cryptocurrency space, the attorney processing this case – David Silver is now asking anyone to reach out to him if they’re invited into any such schemes.


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