Instagram announced new tweaks to its Sensitive Content Controls this week, which severely prevent underaged users from accessing sensitive content on the platform.

Also, it’ll nudge the current users aged 16 or below to review their settings and encourage them to set a low level for seeing sensitive content. Also, there are notifications for users to decide how they can remix their Reels and for underage kids to decide how they can message them.

Updated Sensitive Content Controls

Though Instagram is taking essential steps to harbor a healthy experience for teens on its platform, it was still accused of depriving them. Thus, in order to reduce such claims, Instagram this week announced an update to its Sensitive Content Controls.

This section contains three settings – “More,” Standard,” and “Less.” While setting the Sensitive Content Controls at More will show sensitive content on the platform without much objection, setting it to Less should do the opposite. And the Standard mode will strike a balance between these two levels.

Now, Instagram disabled the ability for accounts under 18 years or below to set it at More level. Whereas the new underaged (less than 16 years) accounts signing up now will have the ‘Less’ level set as default. Existing underaged accounts will receive a prompt to review their settings, with an encouragement to set them as Low.

Also, Instagram will show them notifications to review who can share and remix their content. Further, it’ll also nudge them to review who can send them messages, the type of content they can see, and how they spend their time on the app.

The platform is already nudging teens to steer away from certain content if realize that they’ve been viewing the same content for too long. Also, there are prompts for taking a break from watching Reels if they’re streaming them for an extended period of time.


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