Instagram is seen testing a new daily time limit for users on its platform, bumping the minimum time to 30 minutes.

This is effectively removing the current minimum daily time limit of 5 minutes, which started in 2018. The platform is also seen reminding tye users constantly to update the new time limits, forcing them to switch to a new minimum slab.

Instagram New Daily Time Limit

Instagram in 2018 announced the daily time limits in the app, after receiving criticism from several entities over ruining the digital well-being being of its users. Initially, users were allowed to set a daily time limit from as low as five minutes and be reminded to close the app for good.

And more recently, we’ve seen Instagram testing the ‘Take a Break’ feature to remind users periodically if they’re continuously using the app. While it’s touted to be good, Instagram’s CEO later said that “you know what’s best for you when it comes to how you use the app,” thereby removing the daily time limit altogether can be no problem too.

This comes intriguing as Instagram earlier promised of keeping users’ digital wellbeing through restricted usage. But now, it seems to skip this promise by increasing the daily time limit to 30 minutes as a minimum! This is seen by a TechCrunch, to which a person shared screenshots of the new time slabs.

These start from 30 minutes and go into 45 minutes, one hour, two hours, and three hours. The user who reported to TechCrunch said he used to run on a 10-minute daily time limit, but was receiving constant reminders from Instagram to update the settings to the new changes.

While it allows users to continue with the current 10-minute slab, checking the new settings by clicking on the reminder notification will dump this all together! The new time there shown is of 30 minutes as a minimum, with no options to set 10 minutes again, ever.


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