Instagram is seen testing two new features in its platform, where one can be slightly intriguing and the other seemed unwanted but welcoming anyway.

While the intriguing one is vertically swipe-able stories, and the welcoming one is story views integration from Facebook to Instagram. This means Instagram users can now see total views coming from Facebook for their story posts on their Instagram. These two features are currently available for a few and may come to others soon.

Instagram New Features

Instagram, the platform that started as a simple photo-sharing service, has grown into a vast social media by gradually adding new features (some being copied from rivals). One among them is the stories, which span for just a day and come with more tools than the regular posts.

To date, we’ve seen Instagram stories in the top section of the app, swipe-able horizontally. And this has been good so far. But now, it may change! The same stories can soon become swipe-able vertically, as per the company’s recent testing spotted in Turkey.

The story circles and content remain the same, but it’s just the switching action that may change, similar to its Reels mode. Though this may intrigue users initially, they shall slowly get accustomed to it as did with other features.

The other addition is the more integration of Facebook with Instagram. We already have support for sharing the Instagram story with Facebook simultaneously, from the same account if connected. And both the platforms shall garner views from their respective communities.

With deeper integration, users can check the number of Facebook views on a shared story within their Instagram. In addition, the parent company Meta has already setup a link between cross messaging contacts within both platforms. However, these features are currently available to only a few people and may come to others later.


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