Instagram is planning to charge for activating URL link in the photo caption. As we all know Instagram does not allow to add a link in the caption. You might have seen many of them writing “link in bio”, in the caption. However, the app allows adding links in the story if the users have more than 10,000 followers or who has verified account.

Activate URL in Photo Caption by Paying $2 Fees

According to the Patent Images app, shows a picture where the users can add a URL link in the caption, but it asks the user to pay $2 to activate the link.

Instagram may charge $2 to activate URL

As per the reports, Instagram has applied for new functionality of activating a link in the caption. Where the app will ask for a fee. And in the picture, you can see the app can ask $2 fees to add links in the caption. If the link is added in the caption, a pop up will appear which will ask “would you like to activate the link in caption for $2.00?”

The Patent application says,

“If the online system detects the text content of the caption includes a string of link text identifying an address, the online system prompts the posting user to pay a fee in exchange for generating a link.”

Instagram doesn’t allow to add a link in a story, product, post, and photos caption. All the users are having complaints about this function. So, now, will it really charge for adding this function or not? Whether the influencers, brands and other users will pay per link fees or not.

We don’t know, whether this feature will come or not, if it comes then it will be available we can’t say anything. We need to wait for the confirmation from the officials, till then we can just assume everything.

Instagram app has already started a rival feature REELS to TikTok. Apart from this, Facebook is working on a feature, which will let the users see Instagram stories directly from Facebook.


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