As expected, Instagram is launching its own subscription model for verified badges to eligible individuals – under the “Meta Verified” program.

People enrolling in to this will get a verified badge, priority visibility in comments of others’ posts, recommendations in Instagram’s Reels and Explore pages and customer support for the most common issues. As for when this will be available to all is yet to be known.

A Subscription for Verification

Following the rumors that Meta is testing a Twitter Blue-style verification program for general users, Instagram is seen launching this scheme for some users today. As noted by Matt Navarra, Instagram’s paid scheme is called Meta Verified – and, hopefully, be implemented across its apps.

The company noted this subscription is available to individuals and professionals that meet their eligibility requirements while barring businesses at the moment. Maybe, this is for their own good. Meta is hopefully learning from Twitter’s rushed Blue subscription consequences – which cost some businesses billions of dollars in losses.

Thus, offering this subscription only to eligible individuals seems reasonable, at least until Meta is confident for businesses. Until then, subscribers of Meta Verified will get the following benefits;

  • A verified badge
  • Active monitoring of impersonation
  • Customer support for most common issues.
  • Prioritization in the comments of others’ posts.
  • Recommendations in Instagram’s Explore and Reels sections.
  • Exclusive stickers for Instagram stories.

Hoping that Meta is aware of the black markets for obtaining verification badges, the company would only provide these to eligible persons to avoid impersonations, which ultimately breaks down the platform experience.

As for when this subscription will be available to all in general and for how much it costs is unknown. So stick to us for more details on how much this costs and how it works.


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