After testing for a while, Instagram replaces the swipe-up gesture in Stories with a new sticker-based link that performs the same function.

Users will soon tap on stickers on stories to be redirected to web pages, as set by the creators. Instagram hopes this replacement is necessary as to how people use the platform today. Also, this could be rolled widely than a swipe-up gesture.

Replacing Gestures in Instagram Stories

Though Facebook was accused of copying Snapchat’s Stories feature for its apps, like Instagram Stories, they’re a hit in their own ways. The popularity of the Stories section is similar to the regular posts and is well received by the community.

Thus, creators use them for redirecting users to specific web pages by adding a link that’s accessible by swiping up on the story. It’s so used that Instagram made a few dedicated animations and texts for swipe-ups. However, while it’s all good, the company is retiring the swipe-up gestures now.

And this comes after a fair period of testing this year, where Instagram realized that swipe-up gestures should be replaced with sticker links in Stories. Thus, starting August 30th, creators will see a new form of adding links – by stickers!

Thus, instead of swiping up, users will tap on stickers in the Stories to visit the set web pages. This replacement is felt necessary as Instagram felt it to “streamline the stories creation experience” and offer more “creative control,” as the stickers can be better customized than the current swipe-up gesture.

Also, to The Verge, Instagram said it’s evaluating this feature to roll out for more users than the few privileged ones, like in swipe up mode.

Only users with over 10,000 followers or a verified badge can link webpages based on swipe-up gestures. This is to help the company “determine whether it’s the right decision before expanding access to more people.


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