To reduce the number of spam accounts forming up, Instagram started asking the new users to upload a video selfie, to make sure they’re real people.

This verification is fairly robust and may help Instagram to fight back fake accounts. The platform assured that no facial recognition technology will be used against the recorded video selfies, and also they’ll be deleted after 30 days.

Instagram’s New Form of Verification

As more and more people are getting onto social media for propagating fake news or spamming others, the platforms are introducing new tools to counter them as much as they can. In this pursuit, Instagram wants to verify the accounts before letting them play on its field.

The Facebook (now Meta) owned photo-sharing platform started verifying the new accounts with a video selfie, so they can limit or thwart any potential fake accounts. To all the new users signing up now, they’re asked as;

“We need a short video of turning your head in different directions. This helps us confirm that you’re a real person and confirm your identity.”

Users submitting their video selfies will then be checked, to prove they’re a real person, before letting them access all the platform’s features. Instagram assured that no selfie data submitted will be stored after 30 days, and no facial recognition technology will be used against it.

The platform has introduced the same verification method in the summer of last year but was dumped due to some technical issues. As it solved them now, it’s revived now. The verification through video selfies is being asked only to the new accounts signing up, while the existing ones are good to go.

Verification through video selfies isn’t a new thing in the industry. Dating apps like Bumble and Tinder have long been using the same, asking users to submit a photo selfie in various angles.


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