In a leaked roadmap of Intel’s plan to 15th generation CPUs, the company is said to be working on something big in order to beat Apple’s M1 performance.

The 15th generation of Intel CPUs is named “Arrow Lake”, and results from the combined work of TSMC’s 3nm node technology and Intel’s design. These are said to be power efficient, so aimed at mobile devices like laptops mostly.

Intel 15th Gen CPUs vs Apple M1

Ever since Apple dumped Intel for its own in-house made chips, Intel is working really hard to keep up with Apple’s competition and look better. But that didn’t happen in recent years. Based on ARM architecture, Apple-designed its CPUs to be both power efficient and high performing at the same time.

Though Intel with its latest Core i9 processor claimed to have faster performance than the Apple M1 Max, but using nearly twice as much power as the M1, Max, while on full performance. Thus, it’s not feasible for laptops, since energy efficiency is so crucial to them.

Thereby, Intel is now eyeing its upcoming 15th generation CPUs to beat Apple’s M1 chips. This comes from Wccftech, where it noted that a major roadmap of the intel 15th generation CPUs is known as “Arrow Lake”, which revealed plans on how the company will beat Apple finally in CPU performance rate.

Intel is said to be focusing more on energy efficiency this time, so aimed at laptops rather than desktop chips. This happens by integrating Intel’s chip design with TSMC’s 3nm node technology for production. But, it’s still a long way to go.

Intel preparing its next-gen chips to be able to compete with Apple M1 is far away. The report says Intel’s purported chips will have their first engineering samples ready by late 2022, with final production starting in Q3 2023 and readying them for the market in Q4 2023. By then, Apple may come up with something that’s even better.


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