As per its IDM 2.0 plan, Intel is expanding its chip manufacturing facilities in the US. And in latest, the company is planning to buy a 1000-acre land in Ohio, for $20 million.

After researching several options in other US states, Intel selected Ohio as a feasible one. If set up by 2025 as estimated, the new plan will have two chip fabrication plants and create over 3,000 jobs. However, Intel CEO said the company has plans for expanding this too, and setup more fab plants.

Intel’s New Manufacturing Plant

Being the torchbearer of modern chip designing, Intel has been the market leader in its industry for a long. But lately, the company has been challenged by AMD and others in most of its segments. As Intel’s losing its charm, the company is making big plans to be No.1 again, and it’s worth it.

In this pursuit, Intel revealed to TIME media that it plans to buy out a 1000-acre land in Colombus, Ohio, for a whopping $20 million soon. This site will be used to set up two fabrication plans that work on chip research and development and Manufacturing them aside.

It’s planned to launch in 2025 and produce over 3,000 jobs when opened. The company’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, told TIME that there’s also an option to expand this up to 2,000 acres and add six more fabs too! Intel has researched a lot before committing to Ohio, they said.

The company has hovered over 38 different sites in other states but finally fixed to Ohio to make it “the Silicon Heartland.” Once set up, this new plant will be the third major manufacturing location for Intel in the US, standing after locations in Arizona and Oregon.

Intel setting up a plant to produce more chips at this time comes in handy, as the world is going through a chip shortage all over. This is caused due to the ongoing COVID-19 variants, which caused factory lockdowns and supply chain restrictions across the work.


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