Social Media and data privacy are the top keywords connected to data security and privacy protection these days. With Facebook taking over Instagram and accusations on the top-social media corporation keep cropping up, a new issue has caught netizens’ eye.

iOS 14-based Instagram users recently reported a strange finding that used microphone and camera features even while scrolling feed. This issue triggered dozens of users who used their social media handles to call out the problem and complain about privacy protection. Instagram took a stance on it from their social media handles and claimed that it was a minor bug that switched on notifications even when the peripherals are not in use. Tadacip

These days, users are critical about applications that swoop in on private data, and top-rated apps are also on the list. Therefore, Instagram clearly stated that “no audio or video is recorded” even when the notification in on. They also mentioned that the bug would be resolved in the incoming updates, and they are working on this issue.

iOS 14: A Revolution In The Apple World

Data experts are citing problems with the control panel, which may be incompatible with the operating system. However, no other application running on iOS 14 have been reported by users yet. Buying Ambien online

iOS 14 has brought a revolution into the tech world. With an evolved Siri interface and an array of widgets, Apple is indeed making a turnaround after social media backlashed about iPhone feature saturations over the years. One of the most exciting aspects is the iOS 14 iMessage emoji search feature that helps users look up emojis from the library instead of downloading them from third-party platforms.

Whether the bug was intentional or just a technical glitch is still being examined by data security consultants worldwide. However, the fact remains that a minute glitch open to the public eye was not resolved during beta-testing.


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