Wallpapers are always exciting. Be them static or live, they have the power to elevate your mood at any given time if a proper wallpaper is set.

Developers too mind all these personal and mental factors while crafting a device wallpaper. iPhone wallpaper designers are no strange, as they’ve crafted simple yet glowing static wallpapers for the new iPhone 13 series. Here are they;

iPhone 13 Wallpapers

If you’re regularly tracking, you must have observed that wallpaper designers at Apple are just making weird wallpapers lately, which are not exciting as before. Though they’re losing charm, trying new official wallpapers is always exciting.

Whether it’s the yearly package Apple releases or the device wallpapers that come with the new iPhone series, they’re excited to try on. iPhone 13 series, in particular, has about 16 new wallpapers released at launch, and they’re okay.

The all-new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini have colorful swirls as their wallpapers, while the Pro and Pro Max have light beams in different colors. They’re static, simple and available in four colors each.

With dark and light modes for each wallpaper, we have a total of 16 wallpapers for all iPhone 13 series. And the good thing, they’re not exclusive anymore. So you can try them on your phones now. Here are they;

Download Wallpapers Here

After downloading the pack, you shall see all of them in your gallery and set upas system wallpapers through options. If you’re trying them on compatible iPhones, these official wallpapers may have powers to tune the looks of first-party apps like Safari, Calander, etc.

Try them and tell us how they look.


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