YouTube has demonstrated how hard it is to disassemble and repair an iPhone 14 Pro Max – as the handset has a number of tiny parts within that would definitely confuse an average user.

The whole process took more than 4 hours, and is painfully difficult, says the YouTuber. This undermines the proud statement from Apple on making their latest flagships much easy to self-repair, supporting the community.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Repair Difficulty

Smartphones are prone to break often, and repairing them would take hefty costs, especially the premium ones. As it’s increasingly growing as an unnecessary post-purchase cost, mobile OEMs are forced to make their offerings more DIY-supportive, so users can repair or replace at least the simple parts by themselves.

And many have obliged, including Apple, which said its latest iPhone 14 series are much more supportive of DIY enthusiasts. But this is barely true, as only the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are made easier for self-repair. Whereas the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models are made even harder than their predecessors!

This was proved by a YouTuber who demonstrated by repairing a broken iPhone 14 Pro Max: that had its back and screen cracked but the internal parts intact. Unlike iFixit’s simple teardown of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Huge Jeffreys’s video shows it’s so hard to disassemble an iPhone 14 Pro Max and repair it.

Jeffery was frustrated when he realized that the handset uses different kinds of screws for most sections, forcing him to replace different bits with his screwdriver often. There are even a number of tiny bits needed to be removed carefully, making the whole process complicated.

Well, putting all these pieces back together was as hard as disassembling them, which took whole lot of 4 hours for the entire process. This is completely in contrast to Samsung’s approach with the Galaxy S23 series, which made it easy for users to assemble internal parts themselves.


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