A new report from TrendForce revealed that all the upcoming iPhone 14 models shall have a 6GB RAM capacity!

This is great when compared to the existing Apple handsets, where only the Pro and Max models have until 6GB RAM, and the standard and mini varients settle with just 4GB RAM. Further, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models are said to come with an A16 Bionic processor and LPDDR5 RAM.

iPhone 14 Models With 6GB RAM

While there’s a general criticism that Apple doesn’t launch standard iPhones with much RAM, experts know that iOS isn’t as power-hungry as Android, so iPhones won’t be needing to have much RAM capacity. Yet, the Cupertino company is expected to offer a wide range of RAM variants for all its iPhones alike.

And it may happen soon, as the fans wished! As per TrendForce, Apple may launch all its iPhone 14 models with upto 6GB RAM capacities. This is welcoming when compared to the existing models, where the standard iPhone 13 pack only 4GB RAM, while the 6GB variant is only available for Pro models.

Thus, all the iPhone 14 models (standard, Max, Pro, Pro Max) having upto 6GB RAM is great. Moreover, the report says that Apple may use a more power-efficient type of LPDDR5 RAM in iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max varients, and stick to LPDDR4X in standard and Max models.

Further, the Pro and Pro Max varients are said to run on Apple’s A16 Bionic chip – a 4nm processor made by TSMC, while the standard and Max varients will use the current iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic chips. All these iPhones will support 5G and have the same 12MP front camera, while the rear cameras change according to varients.


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