As Apple is preparing to replace its next iPhones with USB-C, an analyst now says that the new bunch of iPhones could have two different USB-C ports!

More specifically, the standard and Plus variants of the iPhone 15 series would have a regular USB-C – that gives the same speeds as the current lightning port, while the Pro and Pro Max variants offer an advanced USB-C 3.2 port that offers better transfer speeds.

iPhone 15 Series and USB-C Ports

It’s not even a quarter since we had the latest iPhone 14 series playing in the market; we now see rumors regarding the next iPhone series pouring in. The latest one comes from an analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo, who has correctly predicted a number of features for several devices and apps earlier.

She now says that Apple’s next-generation smartphones – the iPhone 15 series are set to come with two different USB-C standards! More specifically, the standard and the Plus variants of iPhone 15 bear a regular USB-C similar to all Android phones and offer the speeds of a regular Lightening Port.

Whereas the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models have an upgraded USB-C standard, which is v3.2 or a Thunderbolt 3. This shall offer better speeds than the regular USB-C counterpart. This comes at a time when Apple users are complaining of severely slow speeds from the premium phones, seeming unreasonable.

Thus, setting up a father USB-C port, at least for ultra-premium phones, is good. While other phones settle with a regular USB-C port, they’re better than the Lightning connector though. Though Apple in past was praised for its Lightning connector, they’re now old and should be dumped.

Whether the company is forced to adopt the USB-C standard or it’s doing it on its own will, it’s good that Apple products are finally coming in line with the community’s interests.


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