Fresh tips from Andrew O’Hara reveal the upcoming iPhone 15 Ultra – the high-end variant of the iPhone 15 Series, to have a 10x zoom via its periscopic telephoto lens.

While it’s unclear whether it’ll be a dedicated 10x lens or use a sensor crop for 10x zoom, this could still put the iPhone 15 Ultra in line with Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, where its zoom is considered a god mode for mobile photographers.

Zooming on iPhone 15 Ultra

Several rumours have suggested the high-end model of the iPhone 15 Series to be called Ultra, but we can’t rely on them until Apple says so. Yet, rumours of such pour in to reiterate the high-end variant of Apple’s upcoming series to be called Ultra.

Now, a fresh saying from Apple Insider’s Andrew O’Hara says the iPhone 15 Ultra will have a periscopic telephoto lens that supports up to 10x zoom! This puts the handset in indirect competition against Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has one of the best zooming capabilities in Android phones.

Well, it’s unknown whether the purported 10x zoom will be of the dedicated lens or a sensory crop for 10x zoom, but we assume it’ll have a variable zoom lens for two different zooms.

This aside, other rumours regarding the iPhone 15 Ultra note the handset has a brighter display, a larger 6.7″ screen and a bigger battery to distinguish it from its Pro counterparts.

Other leaks suggest the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Ultra have a titanium frame, an Action Button instead of the mute switch, and run on a 3nm-based A17 Bionic chip.

Further, these premium models are expected to have slimmer bezels and new camera lenses, bumping the base storage to 256GB and 8GB of RAM.