In a coordinated operation containing nations in Europe, Australia, the US, Ukraine, and Canada, the police have arrested 142 suspects belonging to “iSpoof,” – leading to its shutdown.

iSpoof was used for making anonymous calls to anyone, sending recorded messages, and intercepting OTPs. It allowed users to pay through Bitcoin, this being anonymous and safeguarding their malicious operations.

Ceasing iSpoof Services

In an operation led by the British police and having Europol and Eurojust teams, the law enforcement has arrested about 142 suspects belonging to the iSpoof – a service that lets anyone make anonymous phone calls, intercept OTPs and send recorded messages.

Well, the platform needs the users to pay upfront to make its services accessible. Although these payments ranging anywhere between £150 ($181) to £5,000 ($6,045) can be made in Bitcoin, thus staying anonymous.

While there are a total of 142 people arrested in this incident, London’s Metropolitan Police has alone covered 100 of those, which include the platform’s administrator. Investigating the incident, law enforcement said that “iSpoof” had earned over €3.7 million in 16 months, where their software has helped scammers earn £100 million ($120 million) till now.

Starting in December 2020, iSpoof had up to 59,000 users at its peak and even allowed the subscribers to impersonate certain sensitive institutions like banks, retail companies, and government agencies to trick victims into giving money.

Talking about these arrests and shutdown, Europol’s Executive Director, Ms. Catherine De Bolle, said,

“The arrests today send a message to cybercriminals that they can no longer hide behind perceived international anonymity”.


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