Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of famous micro-blogging platform Twitter, has announced a critical statement of using DuckDuckGo browser over famous Google. He even claimed the experience to be even better than Google’s!

From his personal Twitter handle, he tweeted as, “I love @DuckDuckGo. My default search engine for a while now. The app is even better!” This created enough hype for everyone to discuss shifting to privacy concerned browser from Google. Right after the tweet, DuckDuckGo, via its handle replied as That’s great to hear @jack! Happy to have you on the Duck side.” followed by a duck emoji.”

Jack Dorsey Uses DuckDuckGo
Jack Dorsey Uses DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a user privacy-focused browser just being started recently. The browser uses tight security policies and lets customer data store within his smartphone. They advertise over keywords rather than Google’s method of harvesting user data. While the DuckDuckGo is too little to compete with Google, it’s gradually gaining popularity due to periodical security card concerns on big data firms as Google.

Changing Jack?

He just reframed his name on Twitter to just jack with three earth emojis in series. Further, after his tour to a few African nations recently, he revealed that he will be moving to that continent to live from next year. These statements and indications show the CEO changing something of a nature-centric than earning a rich livelihood.

Criticizing Others

He previously criticized Facebook for rebranding its logo from small case letters to all capitals, just to differentiate itself from its subsidiaries.

His support for DuckDuckGo comes after concerns about Google’s data gathering activities. The search engine giant is amassing data from billions of people across the world and harvesting it for personalized ads, as it says. But it could potentially be used by attackers to exploit users easily.

Recently deal of Google acquiring Fitbit has impacted the company same way, with Fitbit users ditching their smartwatches over privacy concerns against Google.


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