After the US and Netherlands, Japan now proposed restrictions on exporting chip-related hardware to anyone who may be using it for weaponizing purposes.

While the fresh notice didn’t explicitly mention China, it’s supposedly directed at the Chinese nation, partially triggered by the US’s request. Once implemented, these new restrictions can further thump China in the technology industry.

Japan’s New Chip Exporting Rules

The Biden administration is continuing what the Trump administration is focused on – kicking down China in the technology space if it’s using the industry technology to make military weapons. Also, there are a number of accusations calling against the Chinese applications of spying, and threatening national security.

While China has long been denying such allegations, most countries aren’t convinced and continue to thump China where possible. One among them is the US, which has been waging a cold war against China since the Trump administration.

Continuing this suit, the Biden government last year announced new technology export restrictions – especially on the chip-making equipment – that goes to China. Under it, the government needed any exporting company to take prior permission before exporting certain equipment to China.

Also, the US government has suggested other nations like Netherlands and Japan do the same – which are now following indirectly. As per a new notice from Japan’s trade and industry ministry, the nation has proposed a new restriction policy against those who are misusing their exported technology.

Without referencing either China or the US, the Japanese government said

“We are fulfilling our responsibility as a technological nation to contribute to international peace and stability.”

Further, “If our exports are not being reappropriated for military use, we will continue exporting. We believe the impact on companies will be limited.” This proposal is awaiting public comments until the end of April, following which Japan may make it an enforceable law.

If it takes the shape, Japan may hold tight control on Tokyo Electron and Nikon – which export critical equipment necessary for chip making. Some of which include tools to clean silicon wafers and lithography machines – which are used to print minuscule patterns on the chips.


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