Kali Linux’s guardian, Offensive Security has released the first update of Kali Linux this year, version 2021.1. This updated OS has many new features which are both interesting and highly helpful, also made improvements to existing ones. These include Linux 5.10 LTS, Xfce 4.16, KDE Plasma 5.20, and a feature to correct and suggest relevant commands.

Kali Linux v2021.1 Released – Download Right Now

Just as every year, Offensive Security has rolled out the updated version of Kali Linux, which is both the developer’s and hacker’s basic and initial utility tool. The new version includes many tools to help you out with the commands and also improved existing ones to perform better. This includes updating the Linux kernel to version 5.10 LTS.

Also, the desktop environments like KDE Plasma and Xfce have been updated to version 5.20 and version 4.16 respectively. These have reflected significantly too as if you can observe with the GTK3 theme in Xfce 4.16, which has been tweaked to be more simple and aesthetic.Kali Linux Version 2021.1

Besides all these, one feature that will be highly helpful and most liked could be the command correction and suggestion feature. As typing wrong (or invalid) commands render a reply like “command not found”, this will not also bring up the close suggestions and resources to help further.

Kali Linux Version 2021.1

This is understandable from the above example, where typing “gitleaks” which isn’t available in the system promoted to install with instructions to how. Also, any commands with typo errors will return responses with correct spellings. The makers have extended the partnership with byt3bl33d3r (maker of CrackMapExec tool).

Download Kali Linux 2021.1 Here (All Release)

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Also, it’s forming new partnerships like with Joohoi for Fuzz Faster U Fool (ffuf) tool and BC Security for early access to “Empire” and “StarKiller“. Other tool additions include,

  • Airgeddon – Audit wireless networks
  • AltDNS – Generates permutations, alterations, and mutations of subdomains and then resolves them
  • Arjun – HTTP parameter discovery suite
  • Chisel – A fast TCP/UDP tunnel over HTTP
  • DNSGen – Generates combination of domain names from the provided input
  • DumpsterDiver – Search secrets in various filetypes
  • GetAllUrls – Fetch known URLs from AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange, the Wayback Machine, and Common Crawl
  • GitLeaks – Searches Git repo’s history for secrets and keys
  • HTTProbe – Take a list of domains and probe for working HTTP and HTTPS servers
  • MassDNS – A high-performance DNS stub resolver for bulk lookups and reconnaissance
  • PSKracker – WPA/WPS toolkit for generating default keys/pins
  • WordlistRaider – Preparing existing wordlists


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