Samsung’s controversy around the Game Optimization Service early this year is making an impact on the community, as we see some of the South Koreans shifting from Samsung to iPhone over this.

This is showcased by a Korean YouTuber who went on the streets to ask people whether they’re using a Samsung and, if not, why they are shifting away. With the teens and youth focusing more on better cameras and games, Samsung’s GOS issue is a great hit for them.

Samsung GOS Issue Deprives its Trust

Samsung is a household name in South Korea, with most people using some devices made by the company in their routines. And smartphones are one thing they can’t avoid, especially from the homegrown brand that’s making flagship handsets.

But this is changing gradually, especially since the controversy around Samsung’s Game Optimization Service. To the unknown, Samsung was strangled with an argument earlier this year – where the company is accused of intentionally throttling the performance of games and utility apps while letting the benchmark apps use the full hardware potential of its device.

This led Geekbench to ban Galaxy S22 series from its library since they’re the ones linked to this issue. Though Samsung came up with an explanation that it’s throttling to save the battery, it didn’t convince the community. It soon pushed an update to include a button that leaves the choice of performance throttling to users. But this, too, didn’t help much.

May this had a deep impact on the company’s image, as some in South Korea are seen shifting away from Samsung. This is shown in the video of a South Korean YouTuber who went onto the streets to ask the citizens on what phone they were using and whether they’d prefer a Galaxy phone over an iPhone.

It’s revealed that people in their 40s are sharply switching from a Galaxy device to an iPhone, with the rate of shift going in double digits. One person who was on the way to the Apple store said that Samsung’s GOS issue is why he decided to ditch their own brand and try iPhone.


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