One of the most actively developed custom ROMs out there – LineageOS, has just released its latest version based on Android 12 to OnePlus Nord N200, Redmi 7, and FairPhone 3.

People who aren’t satisfied with the OxygenOS x Android 12 for their Nord N200 phones can now try LineageOS, while Redmi 7 and FairPhone 3 users have yet to receive the Android 12 update. The team released direct download links and instructions on how to flash them.

LineageOS 19 Based on Android 12

The rise of custom ROM is evident since more and more OEMs are loading their native OS with many unnecessary elements. Most custom ROMs offer a bloatware-free experience, like the LineageOS, while some include additional features made from community advice.

And today, we see the LineageOS’ latest version – v19 being available to three more devices – OnePlus Nord N200, FairPhone 3, and Redmi 7. LineageOS 19 is based on Android 12 and was rolled out to a bunch of p phones from OnePlus, Poco, Xiaomi, and Sony last month.

Now, they’re extending the scope. While OnePlus Nord N200 has recently received Android 12-based OxygenOS support, some users aren’t fans of it. Thus, they can now try the new LineageOS 19 – which comes with no bloatware.

Redmi 7 and FairPhone 3, on the other hand, are old and are yet to receive Android 12 support. So if you have one of these and hate waiting, try the new LineageOS 19 below. Click the corresponding Wiki link to visit the LineageOS site, and download the zip files to your phone.

Sr. No. Device and Forum Link Device codename and Wiki Link Maintainer
1. OnePlus Nord N200 dre
  • tangalbert919
2. FairPhone 3 FP3
  • dk1978
  • teamb58
3. Xiaomi Redmi 7 onclite
  • Dhina17


The team has also set appropriate instructions on how to install their LineageOS 19. You should be able to unlock your device’s bootloader and start the process with reliable tools like TWRP.

Make sure you take a backup of all your device’s data, as it can be lost in the process. And to note, the LineageOS doesn’t come with Google apps (GApps) pre-installed, so here’s a guide on how to install the Google suite.


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