Ludo King, a classic board game that’s once played in ancient India, is now topping both Google’s Playstore and Apple’s Appstore as the best video game in India. Ludo King has seen an unprecedented rise in the past couple of months, due to people being restricted to their homes caused by Coronavirus lockdown. This casual game is praised for being simple, native, and is for all age groups.

As a native of India, we perceive games like Ludo King are crafted for females, as males are more interested in battle royale games like PUBG and CoD. But turns out, it’s not true. Ever since the nation was locked down to contain the spread of Coronavirus, many have turned to quick games for entertainment. And Ludo King is the real winner of that sudden interest.

Ludo King Apk Installs Surged Due to COVID-19 Lockdown
Ludo King Apk Installs Surged Due to COVID-19 Lockdown

For Strengthening Family Bonding

Gametion Technologies, the maker of Ludo King calls this as the golden age of internet-driven sociable board games. And the Ludo King is intended to strengthen family bonding by being simple, known, and carrying nostalgia. Gametion Technologies is also a maker of other board games like Colour King, Suduko King, and Carton King. But Ludo King is what bought much fame.
Since the inception of lockdown, Ludo King amassed millions of new users, as the Playstore readings of the game have crossed 300 million downloads. Sensor Flow, a data intelligence company estimates the Ludo King has made over $300,000 due to their rise caused by COVID-19 lockdown. The game’s popularity is even depicted in Google Trends.

Features Pushing Ludo King’s Popularity

Not just in Google’s Playstore, the Ludo King apk is even topping the trending games charts in iOS Appstore in India. And if you’re wondering why? It’s got all the features to be loved. Starting with ease of playing, it has simple and appealing graphics that won’t confuse the users. Moreover, it’s well-known to the Indian community. So there’s no need if explaining the rules.

Further, there’s also Snakes and Ladders (another ancient Indian game) embedded in this apk. Ludo King has four types of modes like Online multiplayer, Local multiplayer, Play with friends, or Play versus computer. You can even play the game offline too, provided that all the players are in one place. The maker has even introduced a six-player mode to equip even more players.

It’s one of those few apps which has supported Google’s Instant Play. Under this, you can try the game even without installing it! This would give an idea of how good it is to try on. All these reasons sum up to push the Ludo King as the best entertainer during this COVID-19 lockdown. So, have you tried yet? If not, here’s it: Ludo KingAndroid | iOS


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