Mark Zuckerberg has just unveiled the next big project from his company – codenamed Project Cambria. This is a new AR experience Meta is selling with a specially made high-end headset.

Zuckerberg gave a glimpse of how this project works, letting users shape their thoughts on Meta’s future product. With advanced hardware, the specific headset used for entering the Project Cambria will be better than the current Quest 2 headgear, say experts.

Meta’s Project Cambria in Action

Just this week, we heard that Meta is shutting down some projects at its Reality Labs, which focuses mostly on the hardware and software of the company’s metaverse project. This is due to the loss that Meta incurred – $10 billion last year, which also resulted in reducing new hires.

Yet, Meta is actively pursuing its metaverse plans. The latest one coming from the company’s CEO is the Project Cambria, which is a new augmented reality experience called The World Beyond.

The World Beyond was built with Meta’s Presence Platform, that’s designed to let developers create mixed-reality experiences. This is also said to be supporting a full-color passthrough, as proved by Mark Zuckerberg in a video he shared.

He was seen wearing a blurred headset that opens doors to The World Beyond, where users can pet virtual animals, meet with their friends, work with their instructors, and even perform tasks with virtual workstations.

In one slide, it’s shown the user is taking notes besides working on a virtual workstation. Cambria’s image quality is so great that it would allow users to clearly read text.

The World Beyond will be available on Quest soon through App Lab, though you can’t access the full-color passthrough experience just yet. Well, Meta is planning to launch this headset (touted to be around $799) later this year, where we may see more details unraveling.


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