At last, Microsoft is going completely passwordless now. Starting today, Microsoft will let all its users remove passwords of their Microsoft accounts and sign in through alternative means.

These include the company’s authenticator app, Windows Hello, security key, etc. Microsoft has allowed commercial users to try this method since early this year and now rolls to everyone.

Passwordless Microsoft Accounts

While setting a strong password is hard, remembering it for later use is even harder. And the only ones who like passwords are hackers since they constantly look for ways to compromise their targets’ online accounts.

Thus, to safeguard people from them and strengthen their online presence, Microsoft has developed a new way of sign-in in 2018, passwordless login. This isn’t new, as many other companies like Google, Apple, etc., are working on it.

But, Microsoft made a big step today by rolling this support widely to everyone. As per its announcement, Microsoft users starting today can remove their Microsoft account passwords and sign in using their Microsoft Authenticator app, Windows Hello, security keys, or email/SMS verification. 

As these means are safer than storing passwords in one place or memorizing them, Microsoft pushes users to try it. And over 200 million people are using passwordless login into Microsoft accounts today, as the company noted.

This is huge and recommended. Anyone wanting to try the new passwordless login can install the Microsoft Authenticator app and should link their Microsoft account to it at first. Then, visit, pick Advanced Security Options, and enable Passwordless Accounts in the Additional Security Section. 

You will be prompted to approve this system in your Authenticator app, and you’re good to go. Microsoft notes that users can reverse this process anytime they want and set a password again.


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