A kind of persuasive feature is the just-released Windows 10 20221 is the adding of Skype’s Meet now button in the taskbar. Microsoft has pushed this feature in its latest update to Windows Insider, to seemingly take on Zoom’s popularity. While it’s now available for few Insiders in the Developer channel, it will be rolled out to everyone soon.

Windows 10 Gets Skype Shortcut to Taskbar

Microsoft has been rapidly poaching on video conferencing opportunity that started since this pandemic. While Zoom satisfied most, Microsoft has quickly come up with its Teams to offer a similar platform. While this has been good for a while, users are slowly forgetting the legacy video conferencing app – Skype.

Thus, Microsoft planned to bring it back to users notice by showing up it at the home page, i.e, taskbar. The newly released Windows 10 20221 version to Windows Insider yesterday has brought the Skype’s Meet Now button to system taskbar. Microsoft has launched the Skype Meet Now earlier this year to let users skip the registration process and quickly start a video.

Skype Meet Now
Skype Meet Now

Thus, adding this can have a significant impact on Skype’s re-launch. Upon clicking on the Skype option in the taskbar, it will open up a tray further showing up two buttons as – “Create a meeting” and “Join a meeting“. Users can join a meeting by a designated room code-shared by other participants or admins, or create a room to invite others.

Microsoft explained that this option is available to only a few users of the Windows Insider Program in the Developer channel, but will be rolling out to everyone soon. Alongside, a notable feature in the same update is the ability to pin important notifications at the top in Your Phone app. This feature too rolls out to users soon.


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