Microsoft has rolled out the latest Windows 11 Preview Build 22000.65 to Insiders this week, bringing several minor changes to the new OS.

These include a long search bar in Start Menu, GIF selections, quick troubleshooting options, surfacing back the Refresh option, etc. Though minor, these changes are brought in to ease your Windows 11 experience.

Windows 11 New Build Features

Those who’re in the Windows Insider beta channel have the privilege of experiencing Microsoft’s new Windows OS.

The maker has pushed a new update to the Windows 11 insider preview, taking the build to 22000.65. This new update carries several features – all minor, though. These are;

  • The Start Menu, which is moved to the center in Windows 11, will now feature a wide search bar at the bottom for finding things within the system. Also, there’s a Search bar set at the top of Widgets.
  • The system alert dialogue boxes have been updated to align more with the Windows 11 visual design. As a result, you may see them going hand-in-hand regarding battery low triggers and display changes notifications.
  • Opening the “Power Mode” is now easy, as a shortcut route is set in Power & battery page in Settings.
  • Microsoft has brought back the Refresh option in desktop into the main menu when right-clicked, instead of stuffing it in “Show more options,” as seen in an earlier build.
  • Also, right-clicking on the .ps1 file in File Explorer will open a Run command with PowerShell options instead of checking from “Show more options.”
  • Further, right-clicking on Taskbar’s volume icon will show you an option to troubleshoot audio problems directly.
  • Finally, the notable among the smallest, Microsoft adds GIF selections in Windows 11 with the help of a Chinese company called; while typing something, you shall see the GIF data alongside the emojis. This is only available to Chinese users for now.


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