The latest statistics from the StatCounter report that Microsoft’s Edge is outperforming Mozilla’s Firefox in the desktop browser market. Edge is gaining new users from Chrome, Firefox, and the outdated Internet Explorer recently, and now standing at No.3 in overall market share, just behind Chrome and Safari.

Microsoft Edge Gains More Desktop Users

Microsoft Edge Browser Now is the Third Most Popular Desktop BrowserFor all the things Microsoft has been doing to date to push its new Edge browser into the mainstream, they have worked so well that the new Chromium-based Edge browser is now the third popular browser in the desktop browser market per the latest statistics from the StatCounter.

Microsoft Edge Browser Now is the Third Most Popular Desktop BrowserThe analytics firm revealed that Microsoft’s Edge had constantly gained new followers in the past few months. These new users come from Chrome and Firefox and upscaled from the outdated Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

This uptick has now put the Edge browser in the third position of the overall desktop market with 8.03%. Two players ahead of it are Google’s Chrome with 67.14% and Apple’s Safari with 10.11% share. Mozilla Firefox has now fallen to the fourth spot with a 7.95% market share. Yet, it’s having a wide user base when taken from other devices like mobile phones and tablets.

As we see, some people are still sticking to the outdated Internet Explorer even today, as it still has about 1.7% share. Considering these moves to alternatives eventually, we shall see Edge browser growing to be the second most popular browser soon if it continues to scale up in the current form. In that case, it will really only behind the mammoth Chrome and shall surpass the Apple Safari soon.


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