The makers of Microsoft Flight Simulator has issued a patch update earlier this month, which is showing significant results after testing.

As checked by The Verge’s Tom Warren, Microsoft Flight Simulator, after the recent update is having increased frame rates and optimized CPU and memory usage rates. All without the game using Direct X 12.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Game Update

One of the best games one can play on Windows OS these days is Microsoft’s Flight Simulator – a flight simulation game rich in graphics and content.

One can see the most realistic things in the Microsoft Flight Simulator game, like from buildings to airports and oceans and roads, resembling exactly as in the real world, at real places.

And all these made the game huge, pushing it to consume more resources and thus run only on high-end PCs.

But, this has changed after the patch update issued by its makers, Asobo, earlier this month. Testing it for a couple of weeks, The Verge’s Tom Warren described the new gameplay as smooth and great.

All because of the update, which bumped the frame rates significantly and optimized CPU and memory consumption. As Warren said, playing the game on an Intel Core i9-11900K CPU coupled with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and on 1440p has been amazing.

Flying over the Seattle area has frame rates jumped from 48fps to 68fps and nearly 80fps over New York City. The makers of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Asobo, played the game on PC with Intel Core i7-9700K and an RTX 2060 Super earlier this month, showing smooth results.

Asosbo’s CEO, Sebastian Wloch, said as “We have rewritten a lot of the parts of the engine … to get the maximum performance out of the sim.And the best thing of all, the game is performing great without even using the DirectX 12 engine.

This leaves a lot of room for the developers to improve the game even better in the coming days. In addition, Microsoft Flight Simulator uses DirectX 12 on Xbox Series X/S models, while the PC version still runs on DirectX 11.


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