Microsoft has been sending out emails to select testers for its next major version of Windows – probably the Windows 12 OS.

In the email, the company is seen offering free USB sticks to the testers for fresh installing its test builds – in case the users are not having the required USBs. Asking them to request the memory sticks if needed, Microsoft also warned them of unstable experience from the upcoming builds.

Free USB Drives For Windows 12 Testing

Microsoft has recently announced sweeping changes to its Dev channel – downgraded the clients to v23000 and created a new Canary Channel with v25000 builds for testing the next version of Windows! While it didn’t confirm how the new arrangements would differ from the existing lineup, we expect them to be the early builds of Windows 12.

In this process, the OEM offers free USB drives to those who need them for a fresh installation of the upcoming OS. In emails sent to select testers today, Microsoft asked users to “request a USB using this code: W111xxxxxx​ Limited supply. Items are available on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Microsoft recommends having a USB with storage of at least 8GB or more for testing the upcoming Windows versions. If you have one, you may do it by yourself. But if you don’t, you can order one for free from the company. Once requested, the item may take six to eight weeks to be delivered.

Dev channel users running on builds v25000 or later will automatically be shifted to the new Canary Channel for testing the upcoming changes. Warning them of significant platform changes, Microsoft says, “The Canary can be unstable and is released with limited to no documentation.” 

Earlier, the company stated the new Canary Channel would deliver “major changes to the Windows kernel, new APIs, etc.” So you must install them only if you’re ready to face these – which may come with unwanted experiences sometimes.


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