As Bloomberg reported, Microsoft is planning to buy Discord for over $10 billion. While it’s true that Discord is actively looking for money-raising opportunities, some sources have told that the instant messaging platform would rather go public like Roblox than selling itself to others. Discord is popular among gamers and spiked much in popularity last year.

Discord in Talks With Microsoft

Microsoft in Plans to Buy Discord For Over $10 Billion

The first step in competing with your rival is to be in every segment they’re in. Microsoft is exactly doing that to be on par with its rivals like Facebook, Google, and Apple. The company didn’t have a simple instant messenger like WhatsApp or Messenger, but it may get one soon.

As Bloomberg reported, Microsoft is in talks with Discord to buy it out for over $10 billion. Discord is a VoIP-based messenger that’s popular among gamers, since it allows them to connect with each other while playing a multiplayer game, and coordinate moves effectively.

While it’s true that Discord is looking for funds to expand, another source said that the company may instead choose to go public (listing in a stock market) than selling itself to anyone else. This could be a viable option since investors are always interested in tech stocks, and Discord is growing in popularity especially after last year’s pandemic.

The pandemic lockdowns have forced everyone to stay at home, and look out more for home-based entertainment, thus video games. This gave a significant push to Discord and other similar businesses. In another report, VentureBeat said that Discord is in final talks with a party to sell itself off.

But if it chooses to go public, it can draw inspiration from Roblox, a game creation platform that was directly listed recently instead of a traditional listing, and is performing well.


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