To avoid users from relying on third-party apps for system cleaning, Microsoft has come up with a native optimizer app called the PC Manager.

The app lets you view and manage storage files, run processes, start up apps, and complete maintenance – including checking for updates and scanning for malware. Although it’s not available for download just yet, it’s life in Microsoft Store.

Microsoft PC Manager Specifications

All this time, Microsoft tried a number of ways to make your Windows PC faster – by making native apps smaller in size by pushing updates through the Microsoft Store instead of bundling them with the OS.

Yet, these practices didn’t help much, as the core reason Windows (or any PC) for being slow is of former apps’ junk cluttering all around. Though we uninstall an app, the data related to it isn’t completely wiped out in the exit process and stick to some files in the registry.

And Microsoft has long been adamant about launching a native PC cleaning app – forcing users to rely on third-party sources. This led many to find apps from unknown sources, resulting in downloading malware and infecting themselves!

Well, to avoid this from happening, Microsoft has finally come up with a solution – called PC Manager.

This app is currently available in the Microsoft Store in beta mode, so it can’t be downloaded by all just yet. Although, it’s a much-needed service. It does the following;

  • Computer maintenance – clean up files, remove apps, etc., with a single click. Remember CCleaner speed-up feature? The idea is similar, but it’s very basic, and it won’t clean your registry.
  • Manage startup apps – Disable startup apps with a single click to boost performance and startup time.
  • Manage and view running processes, and take action using Task Manager.
  • Manage your storage – recent files, temporary files, etc.
  • Scan for viruses with Defender.
  • Check for updates using Windows Update (Yes, this app is basically a hub of shortcuts to existing features).

While we’re unsure about this app’s general public availability, be patient to get it once available, and don’t try downloading junk from unknown sources.


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